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There’s nothing worse than guessing your way through training, doing sporadic workouts, hoping for the best, and never really getting anywhere. Good news! That stops right here.

Our at home boxing program is an easy-to-follow shortcut to success, guaranteed to take your boxing skills, fitness, and physique to another level. All you need to do is follow the formula, be disciplined, and commit to the process.

You’re going to get fit, strong and understand the sport of boxing better than ever before. Click Here and get a glimpse into our members area to see how we’ll be delivering the training to you.

Training on its own is rarely enough to achieve elite results. With our program you will also develop sleep, recovery, nutrition, lifestyle and training habits that will take your boxing, body and fitness to new heights.

To complement our training sessions, you will have access to regularly updated tutorials, modules and videos that instruct and educate you on how to establish sustainable, healthy lifestyle practices to keep you improving long term.

Our system provides you with all the guidance, tools and resources you need to become a beast.

But, you have to be ready to buckle down and put in the work.

As a coach, I can give you everything needed to become an elite version of yourself. However, if you can’t bring some discipline, consistency and dedication to the table, then the results you desire will be lost in the fire.

Our program will teach you high level boxing from the ground up, transform your physique into a fighting fit battle bod and take your current fitness, strength and conditioning to levels you’ve never seen before…on one strict condition…

That you actually do the work.

So, are you in?

My name is Chris and I’ll be your Head Coach at BBOC

What’s goin’ on champions!?

I started boxing in 2003 and quickly fell in love with the sport and living a life dedicated to health and fitness. My professional career began in 2007 as a qualified trainer and accredited boxing coach operating out of TJ Smith's Premier Gym, Long Running since 1937. Since then, I have served thousands of people locally and internationally.

I’m now passionate about using the internet to help more and more people around the world start their journey towards improving their boxing and become a fitter, healthier and happier version of themselves.

Welcome to BBOC, I can’t wait to be a part of your journey - let’s do this! 👊

- Chris

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See What Some of Our Members Have to Say (subheading)

“The proof is in the pudding with these boys. Chris took me from zero to hero in a matter of months and prepared me for my competition in Manchester against Scarce in 2018. We even flew to Cyprus to spar his brother Michael and all his beast sparring partners, I've never been so fit, healthy and mentally sharp in my life.

Furthermore, moving on from the fight, with my upside down lifestyle schedule and frequent travel for work, using the BBOC platform allows me to stay accountable and keep training when I'm on the move and don’t have access to a gym, it’s perfect for me.”

Michael p.
Adelaide, Aus

“I live and work rurally in Darwin and my job is constantly moving me around. I'm also a musician and we play gigs all over Australia, so it’s a little hard to find a sustainable training system that suits my situation.

Boxing Bros got it sorted, it’s accessible whenever I want (on demand) and I don't need to have any equipment. The sessions are killer and my progress doesn’t need to stop just because there’s no gym or coaching available to me. I absolutely love it, thanks BBOC!”

Varun B.
Darwin?, Aus

“The consistency of my trainer's methods to teach and maintain my boxing skills is the most important factor to my success in my boxing journey. Having to work away from home takes away the luxury of being at my regular boxing gym and boxing brothers has provided me with a fantastic solution to my problem.

Clear and concise direction coupled with engaging drills keep my skills sharp and my body in peak performance. I couldn't recommend boxing brothers enough if you are looking for the most effective training routine when you can't make it to the gym.”

Luke V.
?, Aus

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No man has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.